Seven Wild Sisters, New Release book by author Charles deLint, illustrations by Fantasy Artist Charles Vess. Purchase of original illustrations and colored prints available. Books purchased through Mallory Fine Art are signed by the artist. Personalization and art doodle upon request.

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Gallery Artists

"It's a long lane that never has no turns", colored inks over digital print. 5 x 10”, unframed. Shipping and handling included. $350 USD The Cats of Tanglewood Forest (de Lint/Vess), “We’re all friends here”. Colored inks, 10 x 12”, framed. Available for shipping. The Cats of Tanglewood Forest (de Lint/Vess),  “Another visit to the Bottle Witch”. Colored inks, 9 x 14”, unframed. Available for shipping. hawkesworthq2detail1-tif Gathering the Worlds, 26 x 20.5 Nemo! Original work in ink by Charles Vess. Available at Mallory Fine Art



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